Media Development: A Collaborative Venture

By August 23, 2019 Blog

For the past two months, North by Northwest’s media coordinators have been working hard on recreating a new and improved website to showcase our work. This creative process began with a deep dive into the North by Northwest archives. We started looking at old film photos dating back to 1997 and re-documented projects such as the Vancouver Aquarium and the Museum of Anthropology. There, we traced the steps of were North by Northwest started to where it is now.

Our job as the media coordinators is to showcase the legendary legacy of this company. As a leader for landscape contracting in Vancouver (for the past 30 years), we believe that putting our work into the world of media conveys that North by Northwest is a forward-thinking company.

From an exterior point of view, the scale of the project was seemingly small. However, once we began to dive into the logistics of design, content development, and creative media, we were surprised at how much work goes into creating engaging content. Tim and our in-house team gave us a lot of creative freedom with this project – from creating storyboards for infomercials to drone film shooting in North Vancouver and more. Although our vision is grand, this was our first venture into the world of professional media. We were challenged with organizing ourselves to produce all the written and visual content for the website. Working with Jennifer, Johnathan, Max, Tim, Carson, and myself, we then produced a cohesive design for the site, and carefully chose projects to feature. This process included coherent write-ups for each project, which required us to analyze and understand project drawings, horticulture, and architectural design to adequately summarize each landscape project.

The website comprises of five unique pages: About Us, Projects, Services, News, Contact Us. Each page required an original footprint and design. At first, it was a lengthy process for us to translate our conceptual ideas to paper. However, the final product shows promise in our ability to communicate with others during this collaborative venture. Special thanks to Evolve Creative Designs and their team.

Carson began building an online presence for our media pages like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. At the beginning of the month, we started with 120 Instagram followers to 850 plus in a matter of weeks. Our content flow is consistent and has grown organically. Carson has done an impeccable job with staying connected to other users alike. Our online presence is gaining momentum, and we are aiming to showcase North by Northwest’s fantastic work to all of BC and more.

Tristan was tasked with organizing, conceptualizing and directing the media overhaul. Working with operations management, Tristan was able to coordinate were North by Northwest was getting the most action. The point of this was to have interactive and inclusive content for all the North by Northwest partners to be apart of. This included filming on-site with multiple cameras, drone flying, and film editing.

Overall, we would like to give appreciation to all the North by Northwest team for their cooperation and furthermore, Tim for putting his trust in our abilities as young professionals and for this fantastic opportunity.

Keep you posted.

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